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Melati Maven Archetype

Generate a prototypical Melati project

This will create a project with id art and a group org.mine in a directory below the current working directory called art.

Hack Note that we are hacking the version of the generated project to be the current version of Melati.

The pom will contain a one-off ant-run task which must be run using -Pfirst. This does some file moving that cannot be done within the archetype itself. It can be deleted after first run.

cd art
mvn install -Pfirst

Iterative modelling

You can then run:

mvn jetty:run

This will create an empty database and allow you to edit it at http://localhost:8080/. You should login using the username _administrator_ and password FIXME then add table definitions and column definitions.

Add tables and columns.

When you have finished this iteration, stop Jetty with Ctrl-C.

New java files will be generated the next time you run

mvn test -PupdateJava
You can iterate around this loop until your modelling is complete.