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Roadmap to 1.0

Melati is stable and perfectly usable.

The following gives the items which would be nice to have before a 1.0 release.

Release Tasks Status
1.2 Support for JPA.
1.0 MDK (Melati Developer's Kit)
Support and use of Maven .
Bundled with Jetty and HSQLDB.
Build under Jenkins CI.
Support for Eclipse (No warnings shown).
Archetype supports iterative modelling.
0.9 Completion of Documentation - Manual, Howto's. In progess
0.8.0 DSD rewritten in Melati
Flushing works with velocity
Velocity translation as Maven plugin
Works with Derby
Replace all Enumerations with Lists
0.7.9 Unify webmacro and velocity templet directories
Generate generic classes
Generate referencesToThis() methods
Add String Key Reference Types
Addition of JSON as an output language
Generate ensure() methods
Test with Java 8
0.7.8 Flushing fixed
Caching fixed
JDBC-ODBC working
Improvements to CSV output
Refactoring to more literate names and javadoc
Improvements to DSD processor
Distinguish between markup fragments and Strings in rendering
Add copy from one database to another
Fix file uploading
0.7.7 POJOs persisted.
0.7.6 Melati / POEM separation.
Tests extended.
DSD processor adds project table class to enable project specific extension of table methods.
JVM shutdown hook or context listener shuts down HSQLDB.
0.7.5 Separation of Melati from servlets.
Improved support for HSQLDB, Oracle.
Support for MS Access.
Unit test coverage extended.
Use of HSQLDB mem urls in tests.
Velocity/WebMacro version of admin system.
Templets used to render everything, including Persistents.
Metadata extensible.
Support for Maven 2.
Preprocessor revisited, extracted to sub-project and made a MOJO.
All deprecated methods removed.
Maven archetype introduced.
Maven skin introduced.
Examples moved into own sub-projects.
Java 5 compatibility.
JavaDocs for all public types, members and methods.
0.7.4 Add support for Oracle, improved support for MS SQL Server. done
0.7.3 Move junit tests into src/test, reconfiguration of checkstyle, many javadoc/style changes, allow use of webmacro templates within a jar. done
0.7.2 Additional support for joins, access filtering.
Upgrade to Velocity.
Handling of Chinese and other encodings.
0.7.1 Support for BigDecimal data type.
Improved Tomcat support.
Rollback bugfix.
Improved generated javadoc.
Improved Maven website.
0.7.0 Support for JDK 1.1.4.
Maven site generated.
User Locale setting supported.
All imports reorganised and generated code improved.
0.6.1 Support for McKoiDB.
Support for HSQLDB.
Support for JSDK 2.3.
Removal of all deprecated methods.
Removal of all javadoc errors.
0.6.0 Support for MySQL. done
0.5.5 Prove support for JSDK 2.2 (Tomcat). done
0.5.4 Support for Velocity. done
0.5.3 Removal of hacked WebMacro classes. done
0.5.2 Template Neutral Melati, allowing any templating engine to be easily plugged in. done
0.5.0 1st beta release. done